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By His Hand He Leadeth Me

Have you ever followed someone in a car and lost them due to traffic, lights or speed limitations? Or maybe you have followed someone through a crowded street or event and lost them due to the amount of people. We have all at times found ourselves following others in more of spiritual aspect. Unfortunately, following man can lead to disappointment, hurt, rejection, false doctrine, down a wrong path, or to the worship of man.

For the Christian, we are called to follow One. When we follow Jesus, we will never get lost. He does not disappoint or reject us. Better yet, his leading is perfect for your individual life and needs. His hand though unseen is guiding you. Are you following Him or are you following another?

The amazing thing with following Jesus is that He already knows your path ahead. He will lead you through the storms of life, guide you to the victories, and walk you through life's joyous times. Hold His hand. Clasp it tightly and remain content in wherever you are on the path of life knowing that He is leading you.

I love the words of the hymn "He Leadeth Me," but the last verse is absolutely beautiful! There will be a point in time when all of us will complete our time here on earth and our faith will be made sight. Even in this moment, Jesus will lead us home!

Are you letting Jesus lead? Read Psalm 23 and follow the One who is sufficient to meet every need you have in this life.


Take a moment to listen to piano arrangement of the hymn "He Leadeth Me."

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