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No One Like Jesus

Do you have a favorite classic hymn? I have a few! My favorites consist of "Jesus Led Me All The Way", "Jesus Is All The World To Me", "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus", and "He Hideth My Soul." Out of those four, the hymn that I would consider my favorite is "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus." This hymn is always on my heart.

Life has seasons of change. As Jesus leads you on your personal journey, you may have friends that will walk away from you. You may have mentors choose to reject you. You might even have family that misunderstands you. But the amazing thing is that Jesus never walks away from you; He never rejects you, and He never misunderstands you. Better than all of that, He loves you with a love that is unconditional. You do not have to work to gain it, strive to repay it, or live a miserable life trying to keep his love through "Christian" deeds.

His love supersedes our finite ability to fully understand it. Too often, we strive to gain his affection as we would with other humans, or we work to gain his attention as if by doing so we have repaid his love. But his love is given freely to all. No one has ever cared for you or can care for you like Jesus. He loved you enough to go to the cross and forgive ALL your sins - past, present and future. And nothing you do will ever change His love for you. He loves you more than you will ever know. Spend time with Him. Learn of Him from His word. See His love displayed on Calvary and learn to live in joy of His love.

Some Passages about the Love of God

John 15

I John 4

Romans 5:1-11

Romans 8

Matthew 6:25-34

-There are numerous others. Scripture is filled with His love to us, but these are a few of my favorites!


Take a moment to listen to this hymn!

No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus by Charles Weigle

"I would love to tell you what I think

of Jesus since I found in Him a friend so strong and true; I would tell you how He chang’d my life completely—He did something that no other friend could do.

All my life was full of sin when Jesus found me; all my heart was full of misery and woe; Jesus placed His strong and loving arms around me, and He led me in the way I ought to go.

Ev’ry day He comes to me with new assurance, more and more I understand His words of love; but I’ll never know just why He came to save me, till some day I see His blessed face above.

Chorus: No one ever cared for me like Jesus; there’s no other friend so kind as He; no one else could take the sin and darkness from me—O how much He cared for me!"

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