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Coaching Calls

Are you needing a quick one on one as a pianist? Maybe you are looking for one lesson to further your hymn playing or to understand key changes. One lesson can make the difference and give you added tools to advance. Maybe you're a music teacher needing tips on how to teach different ages, levels, or how to overcome certain obstacles. Let's chat! Sign up for a coaching call that meets your needs!

Casie Ravert has been a church pianist for over 20 years and has directed her own personal studio for over 17 years as well as directed a Music Conservatory of over 10 teachers and over 200 students. Her desire is to help pianists continue in the gifts God has given them and to equip teachers to teach effectively.

One Hour Coaching Call

One time lesson to work on one of the following:

  • Hymn Playing

  • Accompanying by Ear

  • Offertory Arranging 

  • Chord Substitutions

  • Key changes

  • Preludes and Postludes

Teachers wanting to restructure a studio

New teachers needing help starting

30 Minute Coaching Call

Answer a specific need or challenge as a pianist

Focus on two different areas for teachers

Tips on challenging concepts to teach

15 Minute Coaching Call

Look at a problem hymn and give quick tips

Give advice for teachers on how to help in one area

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