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New Mercies Music Studio

     Music has such an amazing role in an individual's life! It is an avenue to use their gifts to serve the Lord and teaches them discipline, work ethic, responsibility, and creativity. We use method books, classical repertoire  and hymns to lay a solid musical foundation on which they can grow to be an accomplished pianist.

     Casie Ravert has been teaching private piano lessons for 11 years through her private studio, Keys to the Soul Studio, and 5 years as the Director of Crown Music Conservatory. She has taught group piano lessons, toddler music lessons, choral classes, strings classes and more! Her passion is teaching piano. 

Weekly lessons are for students ages 4 through college. Adult students, please go to Church Pianist Training page.

Policies for Private Lessons

Calendar and Tuition

     Students receive 36 lessons per year and have the opportunity to participate in an online or in person recital based on their current lesson structure. Students are encouraged to play in their local church, local senior residence centers, and other opportunities that allow them to share what they are learning. 

2023-2024 Calendar

Lessons start the Tuesday following Labor Day and end the last week of June.

  • September 5 - Lessons begin

  • October 23-27 - No Lessons (Fall Break) 

  • November 20-24 - No Lessons (Thanksgiving Break)

  • December 1 - Christmas Recital at 6:00 pm

  • December 18-January 7 - No Lessons (Christmas / New Year's Break)

  • January 8 - Lessons start again

  • February 19-23 - No Lessons (Teacher Break)

  • April 8-12 - No Lessons (Spring Break)

  • May 11 - Spring Recital: Music Around the World Theme

  • June 24 - Last week of Lessons

Tuition Rates

     The yearly tuition rate is divided into a 10 month payment plan. Payment is due online only through the 1st and 6th of the month. Detailed instructions of where to pay is given to current students. Payment not paid by the 6th will result in lesson suspension, a $40 late fee, and possible loss of spot in New Mercies Music Studio. Tuition is not refundable. If students wish to discontinue lessons during the studio year, a $70 cancellation fee is required upon lesson termination. If students stay through the end of the studio year, there is no cancellation fee. 

  • Weekly 30 minute rate: $126 per month 

Detailed Lesson Information

Lesson Attendance

     It is the responsibility of the parent/student to be on time for lessons. Video lessons will receive a call. If call fails to answer, one text will be sent. Following that, I will assume student is not participating in the lesson. For in person lessons, students should arrive 5 minutes early and wait in their car for me to dismiss my previous student and invite in the next student. Late students will loose time on their lesson slot. Lesson will not go over into another student's paid time. Students more than 5 minutes late will not receive a lesson.

Missed Lessons

     We are grateful for each student we have in our studio! Make up lessons are not offered for missed lessons. If a student is to miss, it is important that they continue practicing their material. Regular practice is the most important thing. If an advanced notice to a missed lesson is given, I can plan ahead and give them extra work for the upcoming weeks​. Tuition is not refunded for missed lessons

      If I am to miss a lesson due to an emergency, I will reschedule that lesson as soon as possible with either a group lesson, personal video lesson, or regular lesson.


     Students must have a full size piano (88 keys) that is tuned at least once a year with an appropriate piano bench. Digital pianos must be full size as well with the correct stand and bench. Online students are to have a tripod floor stand that is easily adjustable and can hold their phone or tablet. You can find several options on Amazon. 

     Students are required to practice what the teacher assigns which will be documented in a book for local students or sent via text to online students. Students who show up unprepared and unpracticed are subject to a shorter lesson or will not receive a lesson. Students who come without books and material needed for lesson will not be given a lesson. 

     For students under the age of 10, parental involvement and commitment is directly associated with the student's success. I will communicate at first lesson how to help your child succeed musically and what you can do at home. During lessons, parents are asked not to be in lessons. Students respond better in lessons with one on one sessions. 

     Please do not expect progress if the student only practices 1-3 days a week. Consistent, daily practice is the only way a student will progress. If a student goes for a month with only 1-3 days of practice a week, we will discontinue lessons.

Music Camps and Recitals

Music Camps

     This particular Music Camp that New Mercies Music Studio puts on was founded by Casie Ravert in 2014 and has been a tremendous success! It is a completely different camp that focuses on teaching many areas of music that do not take place in private piano lessons, but are beneficial to music knowledge as well as a fun and exciting week for Music Campers. It takes place one week in July (date TBD) from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday thru Friday. Campers are provided with a camp t-shirt and camp booklet. They complete in team competitions and outdoor games all while learning music. 

  • Cost: $100 per camper (families pay $70 each for 2 or more campers)

  • Age: 5-11 years old

  • Musical training required: none!


     Recitals will be held 2 times yearly. Each year will rotate when those two recitals will be held. Below is the schedule for the year and when the recitals will be held. Online students will submit their video and be included in a virtual recital.



  • December - Christmas Themed

  • May - Music Around the World



  • November - Fall Themed

  • April - Hymn Themed


  • December - The Nutcracker Themed

  • May - Nature Themed

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