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This is a digital download that allows you up to TWO copies per purchase. Please purchase the number needed for those singing and playing. If you need more copies, please purchase accordingly and refrain from illegal copying. Purchase amount needed for instrumentalists as well. Help us continue to provide music by living honest. Copying of this product is NOT covered by CCLI, LicenSing,, or any other license.


Please note: this is in a lower key than sung by Joshua Cehulik. The original key is availalbe under sheet music.


This an original song by Joshua Cehulik is a tribute to a friend who was committed to sharing the gospel worldwide. One of his favorite quotes was from the Moravian missionaries as they sailed away from their families to share the good news, "May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering."

You can listen to this song at:



Please do not make illegal copies. Church choirs, please order the amount needed per musician and choir member. Thank you!

The Lamb Is Worthy - Low Solo

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