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This is a digital download that allows you  ONE COPY per purchase. Teachers please have students purchase their own book. Copying of this product is NOT covered by CCLI, LicenSing,, or any other license.


Enjoy this lively arrangement of the classic hymn "Love Lifted Me." This is a wonderful arrangement for a solo or to use many of the ideas as a congregational accompaniment!


Level: Advanced

- 4 and 5 note chords in right hand

- Various styles of arpeggios: ascending, descending, LH/RH arpeggios in 6ths

- LH big octave chord leaps and fast octave scales

- RH Scales


Swipe right to hear a computer generated version of this arrangment! (Note: computer generated lacks expression, dynamic emphasis, tempo variations, and sustaining ability)


Love Lifted Me

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$2.39Sale Price
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