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This children's book contains 11 songs filled with Biblical truth yet fun to sing. Each song contains the children's part, piano accompaniment, and chords. In the book, there are four themed choruses great for Vacation Bible Schools (underwater, treasure, western, superhero, medieval, conquest, trails, outdoors), five Scripture choruses, and two full length songs. 


Song List:

  1. All Because of Jesus Christ (western)
  2. Discovering the Lord (underwater, treasures)
  3. I Will Follow Jesus Christ (Trails, outdoors)
  4. More Than Conquerors (Superhero, medieval)
  5. Hear My Prayer, O Lord
  6. Seek and Save The Lost
  7. O Come, Let Us Sing
  8. The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
  9. O Praise the Lord
  10. Because He First Loved Me
  11. Be a Light in the Dark

"Teach Them To Sing" Volume 1 Physical Book

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