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This is a digital download that allows you  ONE COPY per purchase. Teachers please have students purchase their own book. Help us continue to provide music by living honest. Copying of this product is NOT covered by CCLI, LicenSing,, or any other license.



Our prelude series are perfect to play for a church prelude, congregational accompaniment ideas, or as a piano special! Each song can be a stand alone piano solo or a part of the prelude series. Follow ending one to complete the song, or ending two to modulate into the next hymn. Check out our volumes for advanced pianists (volume 1-2)


This is an excellent resource for church pianists or piano teachers working to teach prelude and congregational playing as well as modulations. 


Level: Late Intermediate / Early Advanced


This series is built using mostly 3 note chords in the right hand and does not contain major arpeggios. Left hand is full yet not rhythmically complex. 


Hymns in this Series:

At Calvary

A Shelter In the Time of Storm

Glory To His Name

There Is Power In the Blood

When We All Get to Heaven

When I See the Blood

Nothing But the Blood



Gospel Prelude Book Volume 3

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