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This is a digital download that allows you  ONE COPY per purchase. Teachers please have students purchase their own book. Help us continue to provide music by living honest. Copying of this product is NOT covered by CCLI, LicenSing,, or any other license.

This hymn playing workbook is the second workbook following after the "Foundations in Hymn Playing" workbook. It is recommened that you start with that book to get the foundation and move on to this book. 


In this workbook, you will learn how to build the RH in 3 steps:

1. Build texture: learning to play 4 note chords and how they function

2. Build range: learning to play in the upper octaves of the piano

3. Build creative ideas: understanding connectors and fill-ins to help you move seemlessly up and down the piano


With over 300 measures of examples, multiple full-length hymns arranged for congregational playing, you will gain the tools needed to advance your hymn playing!


Hymn Playing: Building The Right Hand (Workbook 2)

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