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Story Behind the Song: Because He first Loved Me

I love hearing how the Lord led someone to write a song. I would encourage you to study stories behind the hymns we sing. We did a series last year about Hymn Stories, and you can find those on our Youtube channel. I am currently reading a book about the story of how the song "He's Been Faithful" was written. Some songs come from deep valleys the writer has walked through. Some come from answers to prayer or watching God work. Some come from real life situations that the Lord has taught the writer.

Our second song on the newest album is a unique finding. I was in the middle of doing some research for our children's music book in January of 2022. I had just heard of a child who had committed suicide, and I kept thinking what if that child new that Jesus loved them? If only they knew that they weren't alone - that someone cared. I began writing some ideas for a song similar to this one. At the same time, I was looking through some old Fanny Crosby poems. Fanny Crosby was a poet and hymn writer who lived from 1820-1915. Many of our old hymns are songs of hers including "Blessed Assurance", "To God Be The Glory", and "Praise Him, Praise Him."

As I read through several of her poems, I came across this one. Reading the chorus, I immediately heard how it should sound. While it was put to music by W. J. Kirkpatrick in 1918, it is not known among most, and the melody once again hid the power behind these words.

I put it to music and included it as one of the full length songs in the children's book. I never intended to write it as a choral song, but after my husband and I sang through it, we loved the message and knew it would be perfect for this upcoming album.

I wanted to include in this post the original poem. While I did have to change and take out a few words to fit the style of the song, it stays true to the original message - "Because He first loved me, I love Him. Because He first loved me, I trust Him."

No matter what life holds, keep the truth of Jesus' love at the forefront of your mind. When you remember He loves you, it reminds you that you can trust Him.

"I’m trusting, only trusting

In Jesus day by day:

I feel His presence nearer,

While pressing on my way;

My soul is full of glory,

And this my song shall be:

I love my blessed Saviour,

Because He first loved me.

I’m trusting, only trusting

In Jesus ev’ry hour,

Who saves me by His mercy,

And keeps me by His power;

I’ll publish His salvation

Wherever I may be;

With all my heart I love Him,

Because He first loved me.

I’m trusting, only trusting My Saviour’s hand to guide; I know His grace sufficient, And ask for naught beside; My soul is on the mountain, My home beyond the sea: O bless the Lord! I love Him, Because He first loved me.

Chorus: Because He first loved me. I love Him, I love Him, Because He first loved me: I trust Him, I trust Him, Wherever I may be. My soul is full of glory, I sing because I’m free; I love my blessed Saviour, Because He first loved me." —Fanny Crosby


You can listen to the official lyric video below. This album is available as a physical copy or a digital download. You can also find it on your favorite streaming platform!

The sheet music and orchestration track are available on the website.

Grab your copy today!

Sheet music for SAT is available. You can also find this song in our children's book "Teach Them To Sing, Volume 1"

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