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This is a digital download that allows you  ONE COPY per purchase. Teachers please have students purchase their own book. Help us continue to provide music by living honest. Copying of this product is NOT covered by CCLI, LicenSing,, or any other license.



This hymn playing resources lays a theory foundation for basic hymn playing and then moves into how to read a hymn book. At the end of the book, there are 5 pages of left hand patterns ideas to incorporate into your playing. The tutorial will walk you through how to use the book, teach you the hymn playing basics, and then help you disover how to mix and match the left hand ideas. (Pianists should be able to already read notes easily and play music at a intermediate to late intermediate stage)


In this workbook, you will learn:

  • What to do with your right hand
  • Three basic right hand fill-ins
  • How to lay a solid left hand foundation
  • Three basic left hand principles that give you multiple LH options
  • How to combine the left hand principles creating a unique bass line
  • How to incoporate these ideas in all time signatures
  • Five pages of left hand patterns using the principles given




Foundations In Hymn Playing (Workbook 1)

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