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When Fear and Faith Speak

Have you ever felt God leading you to do a particular task for Him, but your fear said that it couldn't be done? Have you ever looked at what God is calling you to do and realized that a part from Him doing a miraculous work, you are completely unable to do what He has given? Have you allowed your fear and doubt to keep you from action?

Yesterday evening, we had a guest speaker at our church. I would like to share what we were encouraged with as well as more that God encouraged me with later on that evening. He was preaching in Numbers 13-14 speaking about the spies and their attitude toward what God had called them to do. We are familiar with the ten men who gave the report that they could not take the land and the two men that trusted God and believed they could. As you read, we see the consequences of their fear and doubt - wandering.

Fear will say "I can't," but faith does not say "I can."

Fear will say "It is too hard for me,", but faith does not say "I can do it."

Fear will say "This is not worth my time," but faith does not say "This is worth my time."

Fear will say "I can't afford it," but faith does not say "I can financially do this."

Fear will say "I can't handle more," but faith does not say "I can handle this."

You may read the above and think that there must be a mistake. It should say, "but faith says." But that would be an incorrect statement. Faith is "complete trust or confidence in someone or something." The speaking above is self-faith. It is a trust that we just need to change our mindset, and through mindset change, I now have "faith to move mountains." Too often we think of faith as an idea that we can muster up. Faith is not changing your "I can't" to "I can."

We may all agree here, but the difference is not in the agreement. The difference is in the action. We often live with the "faith" above. But this "faith" will eventually fail you. With the above, you may step out to where God is leading or calling, but you will not make it. The self-faith will begin to hear fear speaking. It will lead to doubt and even a turning back. It will find the slightest moment that feels uncomfortable and question why God would bring you to this point. It cannot see beyond the challenges because it is not true faith.

The people in Numbers were following God to the land He had promised, but only two men had true faith. We see in these verses fear from the ten men and faith from the two men speaking out to the people. Only two were willing to continue in where God was leading despite the "odds." They not only understood that they needed to place faith in God, but they took the action in placing that faith.

There is a calming peace that comes from true faith. A peace that is unexplainable and truly wonderful. This peace lies in where we place that faith. True faith acknowledges you cannot do it, but places everything in God fully leaning on Him knowing that He can do all.

Fear will say "I can't," but faith says "God will."

Fear will say "It is too hard for me,", but faith says "God can do anything."

Fear will say "This is not worth my time," but faith says "God is my life."

Fear will say "I can't afford it," but faith says "God will provide."

Fear will say "I can't handle more," but faith says "God will carry this."

Remember, self-faith will never overcome what fear is saying. It will leave you wandering. It will see the giants and be unable to look beyond the challenges. But true faith will bring peace amidst difficulty. It will leave you resting in God. True faith will see the giants, but it will also see the God who reigns over those giants.

Fear and faith are found speaking. What is your faith saying - "I can" or "God will."


"The Time To Stand" is a song of challenge and resolve. We pray that this song encourages you on today's thought!

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