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The Lamb is Worthy

We are nearing Easter Sunday, and it is a time when most Christians will focus on Christ's death, burial, resurrection and ascension. When we take a moment to ponder all that Christ has done and truly think about all we have in Christ, it causes us to come to one conclusion: Christ is worthy of my life.

While there is nothing I can do to earn or repay Christ for what He has given me, there is a greater purpose. One that can't be ignored. He is worthy of me giving my life back to Him, to bring glory to Him through serving and sharing Him with others. When you come to the end of life, it will not be about all the "things" you wish you could have done. It will not be about how "much" you have done for Him. I do not believe God will pull out the list of all you have done and say, "Well you could have done more." That leads to man-centered glorification and self-focus.

When I come to the end of my life, I want to know that I lived my life in such a way that showed He was worthy of all I did. That my life pointed to His glory and called others to Him. I believe that at the end of life, I will wish that I glorified Him more. That I lived in such a way that showed He was worthy.

When we understand that He is worthy, we understand that we are crucified with Christ, and He is now living through us. If Christ is living through us, we see his focus in Scripture was to glorify His father and seek the lost. It was not about all He could accomplish. May our focus be narrowed and our purpose be more like Christ.


We have the privilege of partnering with wonderful musicians, Joshua and Rebecca Cehulik, and publishing their music on our website. They have a true passion for the gospel and serving in their church in various ways including music. Together, they have written beautiful songs that point to Christ and worshipping Him.

Josh has just released a single "The Lamb is Worthy." This song is a tribute to a man who gave his life for the gospel. He lived with a life focused on glorifying Christ and sharing Him with others. We were honored to arrange and publish the song.

Take a moment to read the story behind the song written by Joshua Cehulik

"When you met Stephen, you would walk away knowing he had a great passion for anything he invested in. He loved his family, the Lord, and spreading the gospel worldwide. He taught me so much as a person and a father, and instilled in me a love for people from all walks of life. He and I shared a passion for amazing food, and unique experiences. We had many great conversations over what I believe was one of his favorite foods – a good taco. When my wife and I got engaged, Stephen was there with his camera, covertly taking pictures from the bushes. When we got married, he agreed to come and be a part of our wedding and asked for nothing in return. Stephen would visit the town where I currently minister and always get together over a good taco and even better conversation.

Tragically his life was taken away far sooner than any of us expected. When I received word of what had happened, I was in shock alongside everyone who knew and loved Stephen. In the days that passed, I could not help but dwell on one of his favorite phrases, “May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering.” These were the words the Moravian missionaries uttered as they sailed away from everyone they knew and loved to spread the gospel across the globe. I pray the words of this song honor his memory and ignite a passion in others to share the good news of Christ regardless of the cost. He is Worthy."


You can listen to this beautiful song. He is worthy!

Sheet music is available for this song! We have it available in the original key and a lower key.

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