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Story Behind the Song: So I Will Stand Still

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Many know that the Lord led my husband and I to move from Knoxville, TN in 2021 and help church planters Mark and Katie McElreath plant a church in downtown Atlanta. We have been serving and helping there for the last 18 months and have watched the Lord do only what He can. In the summer of 2022, our pastor let the church family know that we would be in need of a new location.

We began praying for God to open up a place to meet in the city. Through a series of incredible circumstances, the Lord allowed our Pastor to find a building on 10th street that was not for sale. He was able to get in contact with the investors and began working on negotiations of purchasing this building. As a church, we met on property to pray that God would allow us to get it. There came a point where we were about 8 weeks out from not having a location to meet and not hearing back about the building. We had a special time of prayer as a church. During this prayer time, the Lord brought into my mind the story of Moses and the children of Israel at the Red Sea. They had done everything the Lord had told them and based on human perspective, they were out of time to escape the Egyptians. There was literally nothing they could do except to stand still and watch God work. For this moment would not only show them the power and provision of God, but it would also be a moment where it would point others to what God could do.

In this midst of this story running through my mind and me praying this story quietly to the Lord, another church member began to pray out loud and said, "Lord, help us to stand still and watch you work." Immediately, the Lord began giving me words for this song. After we finished praying, I quickly wrote the entire song on my paper.

This song is special to me. It marks a moment where we as a church stood still and watched the Lord moved. We walked when He said walk, and now, others get to see that the Lord answered our prayer. He answered it about 2 weeks out of us needing a facility, but he has worked in amazing ways. We have churches all over giving to help our church purchase this facility, and it is the most incredible thing to witness.

As God moves, others will see. We just have to stand still and watch Him part the waters.


"So I will Stand Still"

Words and Music by Casie Ravert

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