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I Stand Forgiven

There is no chain that God's love cannot break through. There is no life that God's power cannot change. There is no story that God's mercy cannot redeem. Christ is the hope we so desperately need, and He is the reason we can stand forgiven!

This song is an album favorite of Adam, Tess, and myself. Recording these words and thinking of what we have because of Christ is powerful. When the Lord led me to write this, I had been studying the book of Ephesians. In this book, we see all that we have because of Christ. Ephesians 2:12-14 shares where we were before Christ, and how in Christ Jesus we are "made nigh by the blood." When we forget to see where we have come from and where we could be, we lack the mercy and grace that we should be extending to those without Christ and even those in Christ. Christ is always ready with arms wide open to receive those who come to him. Whether coming to Him in salvation or coming back to Him from straying away, He will never turn anyone away. His mercy ever extends. His grace flows freely. And because of this, we should live out this truth towards others.


Find this song on the ablum "Because of Jesus" available as a physical CD or digital download. Sheet music is also available (SATB with piano accompaniment).

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